Remembering what we now know about iambic pentameter I would like you to separate this passage into meters and feet.
But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
When spoken it looks like this:
"But SOFT what LIGHT through YONder WINdow BREAKS"
Separated into feet it looks like:
"But SOFT | what LIGHT| through YON|der WIN| dow BREAKS|"

Please do the remaining lines for homework:
1. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
2. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
3. Who is already sick and pale with grief
4. That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.
Okay kids, so we have discussed Shakespeare's use of Blank Verse or Iambic Pentameter, but here is where it gets good, and relevant for you.

Like I said in class, much of Hip Hop and Rap just also happens to be in Iambic Pentameter. While "Lose Yourself" is not all iambic Pentameter - the first verse certainly is.

Can you hear it?  Here is a clean version of the song. Listen to the first verse.
The verse below starts at :54 seconds and ends about 1:19.

His PALMS are SWEATy, KNEES weak, ARMS are HEAVy 
There's VOmit ON his SWEATer alREADy, mom's spaGHETTi
He's NERVous, but ON the SURFace he LOOKS calm and READy 
To DROP BOMBS, but HE keeps ON forGETtin 
What HE wrote DOWN, the WHOLE crowd GOES so LOUD 
He OPens his MOUTH, BUT the WORDS won't come OUT
He's CHOKin, how EVeryBODy's JOKin NOW
The CLOCK'S run OUT, TIME'S up OVer, BLOah!

Can you find a verse of a song that fits? If you do separate it into feet as well. I'd love for some verses (clean please) to be added to the comment section
The following video is a introduction to the significance "Iambic Pentameter" has in our daily lives. Besides representing beautiful speech by shakespeare's characters, I.P. helps actors remember their lines with ease.  Once a rhythm is established , an actor will more easily remember lengthy passages because it is almost like a song. I.P. is also a predecessor to Hip-Hop.
Doing your Homework; please use the following video to help you with the worksheet you took home. Remember the stresses more often fall on important words rather than the weak ones.